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NCAA Guidelines: Tweets to Meats

Louisville Basketball season ticket holders will be receiving their tickets in the mail this week. While the tickets are cool to look at, the brochure that accompanies them should be read. These guidelines should be understood by every fan, especially by Facebook and Twitter users.

The University of Louisville Compliance Office puts a tri-fold brochure filled with information in each packet. The intent is to inform every UofL alumni, donor, booster, and fan on how to protect student-athletes and remain compliant. Breaking these rules could end an athlete’s eligibility.

The main focus of the information is around prospective student-athletes. It states, “A prospective student-athlete (PSA) is ANY student who has started classes for the ninth grade, including students in prep schools and junior colleges and individuals who have officially withdrawn from a four-year institution. ” Sounds like eighth graders are free game.

It reminds boosters of basic things that are critical and most know. Such as not offering, providing, or arranging financial assistance. It also reiterates boosters should not be involved in active recruiting. One that is probably innocently broken, is prospect-age students attending alumni or booster events. The most interesting to me, is a booster may provide an entire team a meal, but only if the meal is pre approved with a Compliance Officer and served at the booster’s home or facility on UofL’s campus. In addition, the meal can’t be provided at a restaurant, but may be catered. I’m not sure how that makes sense, but it is the rule.

While all these seem like common sense, they do get broken. Social Media has become one of the most monitored activities. If you have ever mentioned a recruit in a Tweet, you have jeopardized the recruitment of a prospective student-athlete. If you posted a comment on the PSA’s Facebook wall, you did it again.

Use your brain and follow Louisville’s basic rule, “ask before you act.”

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