Coach Vance Bedford preparing the team before Ohio.

Cardinals vs. Bulls Pregame Motivational Speech

Here we are.  For many of you this is home.  I saw a lot of the posts and overheard many of the conversations about how excited you were to play in front of your “home” crowd.  You should be happy and excited to be back where it all started for you.  Around family and old friends.  It’s good to get back to where you came from.  It helps you remember a few things.

It helps you remember when they thought you couldnt become anything.

When everyone thought you’d never play high school ball.

When everyone thought you’d never be able to keep your grades up to stay on the team.

When everyone thought the only thing you’d ever be was a drop out could-have-been.

When they thought you would end up as another story of unrealized potential…just like them.

When even your own high school football coach told you “not to get your hopes up” about playing college ball.

When even you doubted whether or not you could do it.

It helps you remember those you saw who had the potential but failed or never lived to see that day.

Remember those things.  Remember those words.  Remember the hurt they caused.  Remember the pain.  Remember the pain.  Remember the pain.

I want you to focus on that pain.  Harness that pain.  Now I’m going to add to it.  This is a must win game for us.  Last Friday night we went out in front of one of our largest home crowds, 55,000 deep in the stands and we let them down.  The people who truly believe in us and we let them down.  WE LET THEM DOWN!  The better team lost.

We gotta get our mind right.  We are now in the fight of our lives.  We’ve learned that nothing is guaranteed unless we fight for it.  We just got hit in the mouth and whether you want to believe or not we are laying on the ground looking up.  It happens.  Its happens to the best of us.  Life isn’t about not ever getting knocked down.  It’s about getting back up.  Getting back up and staying up.  Getting back up.  The past is gone.  We can’t change it.  We can only control what we do today.  Don’t matter where you came from. What matters is where your going.

Its time for us to think about that pain and to get back up.  Lets get up and hit back!  To use that pain.  To bring the pain.  There are so many people who thought you’d fail but there are 1000 times more that believe you will succeed.

Do it for them!



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