Louisville Basketball: CBS Sports Ranks The Best Tournament Resumes

We take a look at where the Louisville basketball team ranked on CBS’ best tournament resumes so far this season.

This article by CBS Sports came out late last week, which was before Louisville basketball‘s game against Texas Southern. I think I speak for everyone when I say that win against the Tigers wouldn’t have changed their opinion on this matter.

With that being said, it was pretty interesting to see how high they had the Cardinals on this list. I know we have been tough on the team so far this season, but it looks like they have been playing some tough competition so far.

This is where Matt Norlander from CBS Sports ranked the Louisville basketball team’s NCAA Tournament resume:

6. Louisville Cardinals (8-1)

Current AP Top 25 ranking: 11th

“Louisville is 2-1 vs. the KenPom top 50, including a road win at Grand Canyon over the weekend. And don’t sleep on Grand Canyon! That home-court advantage is real; Rick Pitino called the rager environment even tougher than a game at Duke or Kentucky. Louisville’s only loss is a good one: neutral court vs. a Baylor team that we’ll get to shortly. The Cards have wins over Wichita State and Purdue, and the strength of schedule checks in at No. 55 right now. They’re not perfect, but I think they’re doing better than some realize. That looming home game against Kentucky is a massive opportunity.”

I don’t think any Louisville fan needs to worry about the Cards’ resume in terms of if they will make the tournament or not. However, it is important to know that this could ultimately change (for better or worse) the Cardinals’ seeding come March.

Not only does Louisville has a huge game coming up against Kentucky, but the matchups against Indiana, Virginia, and Notre Dame loom just as large, if not bigger because of the implications of those being consecutive games.

We will know much more about this Louisville basketball team once they get through that four game stretch. Hopefully, they will surprise all of us and win, at least, two of those games against great competition.