Louisville basketball: Dwayne Sutton’s 2018-19 Year in Review

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Louisville basketball would not have reached the heights they did this season without the emergence Dwayne Sutton. Let’s look back at how his junior season went overall.

Dwayne Sutton is affectionately referred to by many as a “swiss army knife”, a “perfect utility guy”. An all around player who’s motor never stops running. The Louisville kid had somewhat of a breakout season for the Louisville basketball program and performed well against top tier talent of the ACC.

Louisville head Coach Chris Mack could never say enough about Sutton, especially that he “gets lost in the game.” In a season with a roster that Mack had no part of putting together, the match between the two was one made in heaven. Mack looks for aggressive, mentally strong players, and that’s exactly what he got from Sutton, a player that he praised on National Television as being “a dog.”

That showed every time he was on the court whether the Cards where up 20 or down 10. Everyone held their breath against Virginia Tech when he skied for a rebound, and came down hard, his head snapping back against the hardwood.

He got right back up and not only played the rest of that game, but missed zero time. Coincidentally, VTech was one of Sutton’s best games of the year: he posted 17 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists in a 72-64 win over a then top 10 team in the nation. The story after that game was Ryan McMahon getting hot from three, but Louisville doesn’t win that game without Dwayne Sutton.

Similar to Jordan Nwora, many wondered why Sutton spent as much time on the bench as he did last season. He definitely proved himself worthy of his starting spot this year, as his energy and heart permeated the rest of the squad and helped lead them to big wins.

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