Louisville basketball: Andy Katz has Cards in his Final Four prediction

NCAA.com’s Basketball correspondent Andy Katz makes his early predictions on the final four teams headed to Atlanta – and Louisville basketball is one of them.

Even with football season right around the corner, it is becoming commonplace in the sports media world to fill the offseason void with takes and predictions hotter than the Ohio-Valley temperature outside. Especially considering the hype Louisville basketball is receiving this summer.

Typically, a majority of fan bases laugh, eye roll, and make light of basketball predictions made in summer – especially the pinnacle of the off-season debates: Final Four predictions.

But Louisville isn’t in that majority of fan bases this summer – and that’s a good thing.

In a recent article, NCAA.com’s National Basketball Correspondent Andy Katz predicted Louisville to make a final four run this year, along with Kansas, Michigan State, and Florida.

Katz wrote:

The Cardinals could have the ACC player of the year in Jordan Nwora. Chris Mack has been close before at Xavier. This could be the year he crosses the threshold to the Final Four.


To many Cards fans delight, Louisville was chosen over several great teams – including rival Kentucky. Katz made a note that the cats, Maryland, and Seton Hall are ‘on the cusp’ – all having real chances to make the trip to Atlanta as well.

It’s way too early. So many things could happen between now and March. Too much pre-season hype could make the team overconfident. You hear the same themes over and over.

And I couldn’t care less.

The amount of crap the Louisville fanbase has endured over the last five years makes Andy Dufresne’s escape from Shawshank look like a cakewalk.

Andy Katz isn’t the first well-known sports media figure to sing the pre-season praises of the Cards – and from the way things look, I doubt he’ll be the last.

In only his second year at the helm, Chris Mack and his squad of stars are legit contenders for a Final Four run. Crazy.

Regardless of how much stock you put into this prediction, one thing is for sure:

Louisville Basketball is poised to make some real noise come basketball season.