Mulkey Suspended for Conduct After Loss to Louisville


Ok so lets be clear:  I don’t like Kim Mulkey.  Never did.  And her conduct and how she handled herself in the waning moments of the tournament loss to Louisville confirmed all of my beliefs.  From ripping off her jacket when angry about a foul, to storming off the court when they lost, to then making remarks about the officiating in the post-game press conference.  It was an all-around display of classlessness.

The NCAA has now done something about it, implementing a one-game NCAA postseason suspension, as well as withholding Baylor’s per diem during the regional round.  This isn’t the largest of suspensions, but it is certainly worth something.  It’s also worth noting that this is Mulkey’s second act of misconduct in the past three NCAA Tournaments.  I guess no matter the NCAA suspensions, she won’t really change.  Who knows, though.  The one game ban could be huge, especially if Baylor doesn’t (but most definitely will) get a high seed in next year’s tournament.