Louisville Football: Puma Pass still has so much to show against Indiana State


After a strong showing against the toughest defense in the country, Jawon Pass is ready to take his game to the next level for Louisville football in week two against Indiana State.

Many wondered where Louisville would go from here, Jackson being considered a generational talent by most would be hard to replace. The quarterback spot was a big question mark heading into the 2018 season.

Many outside the program were unsure of where Louisville would turn to. However, those close to the program and many around the area knew that the quarterback spot would be in good shape with former four-star Jawon Pass.

Despite the blowout loss to Alabama last Saturday, Louisville’s new signal caller showcased his ability against the greatest college football dynasty of this generation. Many fans saw enough from “Puma” to realize that the team will be in good shape at the quarterback spot moving forward.

In his first start, Pass threw for 252 yards and two touchdowns. He did have two interceptions, but one was a great play made by the Alabama defense. The other interception was on Pass as it appeared to be a miscommunication with the receiver and quarterback as the ball was floated to the middle of the field for an easy pick 6.

Despite these mishaps, Puma showed flashes of brilliance as the starting QB. A few plays that stood out were instances in which the Alabama defensive front was able to get penetration and Pass stood in there and was able to complete the throw despite getting hit.

Another play that stood out came in the first quarter where Pass was able to showcase his running ability and decision making. The pocket had collapsed, and Puma was able to roll out of the pocket and make a smart run for a first down.

For Puma’s first touchdown, he was able to make and impressive throw to the back of the endzone while on the fun from the defensive end chasing him.

There are a lot of differences between Pass and Jackson. Pass is a smart runner who does not take off unless he absolutely must and when he does his 6’4” 231-pound frame makes it that much harder to bring down. In short, Jackson would run around you whereas Pass will run through you.

In addition to some of the plays Pass made his demeanor is what stood out the most. There was not one time where he hung his head or took his frustration out on his teammates. He showcased a certain collectiveness even after going down 28-0 in the first half. That is an important trait for a quarterback, especially a new one and it was great to see that he is confident and comfortable with the offense.

On Saturday when the Cards take the field against Indiana State I expect the offense to come out with a fire lit underneath them. I would not be surprised if we saw no huddle to get Puma into a rhythm and a couple of early targets to number one wide receivers, Jaylen Smith and Dez Fitzpatrick.

I would also expect to see Puma air the ball out more to gain confidence and reps with the deep ball. It very well could be a 4 touchdown 300+ passing yard outing for Puma before we see Malik Cunningham or Jordan Travis come in at some point.

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Many realize that Lamar Jackson will be missed and for obvious reasons. He is arguably the most electrifying quarterback we have seen in a Louisville uniform. However, the Cards are in very good hands with Pass. It may not be long before he develops into a quality NFL prospect himself.