Louisville basketball: Ranking the top 100 players of all time

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As one of the most prestigious programs in college basketball, Louisville basketball has had a lion’s share of talent over the years.  Here’s our countdown of the top 100 players in school history.

It would be worth mentioning that talent and greatness can be measured in all sorts of ways. The Louisville basketball program has had prolific scorers, national champions, legendary glass-eaters, program-transcending floor generals, ball magnets, pick-pockets, sharpshooters, lock-down defenders, top-notch rim protectors, and of course Doctors of Dunk.

I feel that it is my duty as a Cardinal fan to bring the truth to the fan base during the annual purgatory period between the end of baseball and the beginning of football. With that being said, I’ve taken on the task of putting together the best top 100 players in Louisville basketball history out there.

Not only will I rank each player but I’ll break down how each player earned his spot on this list.

You’ll see everything from guys in the hey-day in the 1980s to kids who recently got drafted, to guys from the Peck Hickman era, to some of  Pitino’s finest. And yes, titles matter and Final Fours matter.

We value the impact a player had and still has on the program. Some of these players did not compete for more than two or three seasons, though their mark on our culture was lasting. There are a handful of players some of you have never heard of, but I assure you they earned the recognition just like the household names did.

Our top 10 is absolutely LOADED with studs. I’d march this ten out onto any court against any other school’s top 10. I understand that when it comes to debating, the top 10 is where the meat and potatoes are. That’s why I developed a point system for those spots to ensure that there are numbers to back up each player’s place on the countdown.

Here is the point system format for the top ten:

Starter on an NCAA or NIT national title team: 10 pts.

All-time leader of scoring/rebounding stats category: 10 pts.

Top 5 all-time in a stat category: 7 pts.

Top 10 all-time in a stat category: 5 pts.

First-team All-American: 5 pts.

NCAA Tourney MOP: 5 pts.

Jersey retired at Louisville: 5 pts.

Averaged 20 points per game in a season: 5 pts.

Averaged 10 rebounds per game in a season: 5 pts.

Starter on a Final Four team: 3 pts.

Top 3 in 3 or more stat categories: 3 pts.

This countdown is for all of us in Cardnation to share, agree upon, and dispute. I hope it’s as much fun to read over and ponder as it was for me to compile. There is nothing in this world more “Louisville” than a top 100 countdown of great basketball players.

There will be plenty more players over the years that earn their way onto the list, but as Louisville basketball head coach Chris Mack said last year,

“To the former players of Louisville: This is your program. You built it.” -Chris Mack.


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