Louisville football: Three locks and three bold predictions vs Notre Dame

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Three locks and three bold predictions for Louisville football’s Labor Day tangle with no. 9 ranked Notre Dame.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are just four days away from seeing some Louisville football.

Going up against one of the nation’s top team, and a contender to return to the College Football Playoff, Louisville will quickly have to show how far they’ve come under the leadership of Scott Satterfield and his new staff.

For a group of coaches who had a momentual task of rebuilding a program that could be characterized as “broken,” both on and off the field, getting a team with the stature of Notre Dame isn’t necessarily how you’d want to kick off your season.

Though this isn’t necessarily “ideal” the atmosphere and overall game environment on Labor Day in Primetime has the potential to be electric. With the focus being on competing at the highest magnitude of your personal ability, playing for one another and the program, and playing sound, smart football we’ll see a completely different team on Monday night.

Notre Dame will present a true challenge for the Cardinals, one that will test the new culture that’s been developed. They will likely be outmatched throughout the majority of the game, similar to last season against Alabama, but how they respond to that could chart the course of the next few weeks.

Part of the fun of a game like this is the unknown. We have a lot to go off of from the coaches and how they’ve spoken about the new culture, scheme, and players in terms of what we can expect – but really we all have no idea.

Scott Satterfield will step onto the field against Notre Dame with the most talented team overall he’s had in his coaching career, but how will the Cards perform knowing all the questions and concerns we have?

We do our best to try and predict that. In this piece, you’ll get one lock, something we believe is 100 percent going to happen – those will come from Jacob Lane. I’ll give you a bold prediction, which is essentially something that may be far off from happening but could be a possibility.

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