Ranking Louisville football’s 2020 schedule by match-up intrigue

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The ACC released the 2020 conference schedule on Wednesday, and we ranked each match-up from least intriguing to most exciting for Louisville football.

It’s that time of year already for everyone around Louisville football to get 90 percent of their predictions wrong. So we figured, why not take a stab at it?

Coming off of a ridiculously awesome, mind-blowingly satisfying comeback season, Louisville football still looks primed for more future success and hungry for more opportunities in 2020.

And for second-year head coach Scott Satterfield and company, they appear aplenty.

Louisville faces a back-loaded schedule that also has a sprinkle of Clemson in the early going, and we can’t wait to break it all down for you.

Until then, here are all twelve of Louisville football’s regular season match-ups ranked from least to most intriguing in 2020.

12. Murray State

September 19th

Somebody had to be last!

And in a season where Louisville football faces a gauntlet of tough, exciting teams, Murray State is not one of them.

This is a pay game and nothing more. No offense to all my pals who attended Murray State (most underrated college experience in the country) but this is going to be a blowout.

If you want to stay late in the parking lot and enjoy the tailgate, this is the game to do so.

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