Louisville football: Five most important players returning for 2020 campaign

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Louisville football looks to have a big year in Scott Satterfield’s second season and a lot of that has to do with who returns for the Cards. We have the five most important returnees for 2020.

Coming off of two years of extremely up and downplay from Louisville football, the Cardinals are looking to ride the momentum of a solid 2019 and make a push towards a conference championship in 2020.

Louisville certainly has the weapons to do so.

We saw in 2019 how many offensive records were broken, how many big plays sprung a game open or turned it on its head, and how impactful the coaching staff was on developing the weapons already at its disposal.

Head coach Scott Satterfield was able to make lemonade out of rocks last season, and this year he is looking to take what he already built and turn it into something special.

That all starts with five returnees who were a part of a record-breaking offense and a defense poised to turn the corner this season.

The five players are perhaps the most important pieces on the 2020 Louisville football team.

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