Three reasons top recruits should consider Louisville basketball

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Louisville basketball is in a class of its own among the college ranks.

If you’re a Louisville basketball fan, you’ve probably wondered what it’s like to be recruited by one of the best programs in the country, and we are here to help.

Imagine for a moment that you’re an elite 16-17 year old prospect. You are a gifted athlete, you’ve dreamt of playing professional basketball your entire life, and your days are filled with constant attention from teachers, tutors, high school and AAU coaches, trainers, fans- And, yes, college basketball coaches.

Your day is filled with literally constant contact with some of the best assistant coaches in the country. You wake up and answer DMs on Twitter and Instagram. You eat breakfast and take a phone call from a coach. You go to practice and recruiters are there to see you. You get pulled out of class because a coach wants to sit down with your counselors.

That’s not to mention your games. The stands are filled with classmates holding signs and wearing shirts with your name on them. The coaches rely on you to carry the workload on the team- Everything runs through you. Assistant and head coaches from colleges across the country watch your every move.

Unless you are or were a Division I athlete, chances are when you were 16 years old, your biggest concern was high school drama, making sure your homework was done, and making weekend plans. Millionaires in tracksuits lining up to talk to you after a game was not on your radar. Recruiting services flooding your DMs for a quote was the furthest thing from reality. Yet, that’s exactly what high profile recruits deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Louisville basketball recruits are no different. And through all of the hectic day-to-day of dealing with normal high school drama and being courted by dozens of colleges, for some, Louisville basketball stands out above the rest.

How do the Cardinals separate themselves from the rest of the pack, and what could they improve in the future? Let’s dive into that with the top reasons athletes choose The University of Louisville.

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