Louisville football: Three fun non-conference foes for 2020

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Three non-conference teams we’d love to see Louisville football play.

The fate of the 2020 Louisville football season is still very much in the air.

Much like almost anything these days, everyone has some sort of opinion on what should happen across the college football landscape, and the opinions vary widely.

However, what we do know is that the Big Ten, SEC, and ACC are in talks about a potential partnership to play games based on a regional schedule in order to assure a 2020 season happens, and in as close to the same fashion as what was previously scheduled as possible.

The discussions are centered around an eight conference game and two non-conference game schedule. In this scenario, Louisville would play four teams in their “geographic pod” twice, plus Kentucky.

At this point, this would be pure guess work, but Louisville’s pod would likely include home and home series with something like Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Boston College, and Notre Dame. If teams are grouping together into “pods” Louisville would likely fall into a group with the northernmost teams.

Louisville’s first non-conference game would still be against Kentucky as this intra-conference discussion is taking place, in part, to keep in-state rivalry games intact.

The final game on this schedule would be against another regional SEC or Big Ten school.

But, who could that be for Louisville football? Let’s let our minds wander for a moment and consider the implications of the pods and what teams we’d love to see the Cardinals fill in the schedule with in 2020.

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