Donovan Mitchell: How to see every game left on the Jazz’s schedule

How to watch Donovan Mitchell when the NBA season resumes.

Perhaps the toughest part about having one of your favorite players move to a different market is finding a way to see them in action. This is very much the case for NBA All-Star Donovan Mitchell during his time with the Utah Jazz.

For Louisville basketball fans and others who have followed Mitchell’s career closely, it has been both enthralling to watch his meteoric rise to success and endlessly frustrating trying to find ways to catch the Jazz, a small market team, in action- In a cost-effective manner at least.

Personally, my mission to watch every Donovan Mitchell game possible without having to convince my wife to let me spend $200 extra for NBA League Pass has led me either to some sketchy websites, weird Facebook live streams, or attempting to stay up well after midnight on a weeknight to watch a nationally televised game.

How to view every Donovan Mitchell game

Luckily for Mitchell fans outside of Utah, things are about to take a turn for the better in multiple ways.

The Jazz’s schedule features five out of seven remaining games in the NBA bubble that will be broadcast on national TV.

Additionally, only one game starts after 6:30 PM Eastern Time, which is a massive plus for people who hope to watch live sports and maintain some sort of normal sleeping schedule.

Here’s what the Jazz schedule looks like for the remainder of the regular season:

July 30th vs. New Orleans @ 6:30 ET | TV: TNT

August 1st vs. Oklahoma City @ 3:30 ET | TV: ABC

August 3rd vs. LA Lakers @ 9:00 ET | TV: ESPN

August 5th vs. Memphis @ 2:30 ET | TV: League Pass

August 7th vs. San Antonio @ 1:00 ET | TV: League Pass

August 8th vs. Denver @ 3:30 ET | TV: TNT

August 10th vs. Dallas @ 3:00 ET | TV: NBATV

If you are hoping to catch Mitchell on August 5th or 7th, want to catch some of your other favorite teams or players in action, or want to view games without any commercials, right now is the time to snag NBA League Pass.

Get NBA League Pass right here.

For the remainder of the season, you can get League Pass for as low as $28.99- Which is a much more negotiable price than what a usual season costs you.

However, for the average Donovan Mitchell fan, this schedule is something to behold leading into an NBA Playoffs that will feature the Jazz on national TV every game.

Sports are almost back, baby!

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