Montrezl Harrell: How to watch every remaining Clippers game

How to watch Montrezl Harrell on TV.

Sports fans are finally getting back into the swing of things with the NBA returning on July 30th. However, if you are a Montrezl Harrell fan on the east coast, you know what a challenge it can be to catch the Clippers or any west coast team on your TV, and at a reasonable hour.

Luckily for fans of Harrell, the Clippers, or any team that they don’t get to see often, there are a lot of positives to the NBA “bubble” schedule.

First of all, a good portion of the NBA schedule is on national TV, so if you have access to ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV, you’ll be able to see the vast majority of games.

Secondly, with limited space in Orlando, the games are spaced out and can be seen at much more reasonable times. That means no more staying up into the wee hours of the morning to watch a game.

How to watch Montrezl Harrell in the bubble

Here is what the remainder of the Clippers schedule looks like:

July 30th vs. LA Lakers @ 9:00 ET | TV: TNT

August 1st vs. New Orleans @ 6:00 ET | TV: ESPN

August 4th vs. Phoenix @ 4:00 ET | TV: NBATV

August 6th vs. Dallas @ 6:30 ET | TV: TNT

August 8th vs. Portland @ 1:00 ET | TV: TNT

August 9th vs. Brooklyn @ 9:00 ET | TV: NBATV

August 12th vs. Denver @ 9:00 ET | TV: ESPN

August 14th vs. Oklahoma City @ 1:00 ET | TV: League Pass

If you are hoping to catch Montrezl Harrell and the Clippers on August 14th, want to catch some of your other favorite teams or players in action, or want to view games without any commercials, right now is the time to snag NBA League Pass.

Get NBA League Pass right here.

For the remainder of the season, you can get League Pass for as low as $28.99- Which is a much more negotiable price than what a usual season costs you.

For Harrell fans, this will be a massive stretch for the former Louisville basketball star and rising name in the league.

In a contract year, Harrell was forced to leave the NBA bubble last week to tend to a family emergency. However, he is apparently back and ready to go.

This should be a fun stretch to try to catch one of the more exciting players and intriguing teams in the league.