Louisville football: 10 predictions for the Cards in 2020

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Big Red Louie writers give predictions for Louisville football in 2020.

We are at that part of the summer where it’s so hot that doing menial yard work could give you a heat stroke in less than 10 minutes in the Ohio River Valley humidity. And although just the thought of walking to your car probably makes you miserable, it also means that the fall season, and subsequently, the Louisville football season, has to be right around the corner.

Although the 2020 season is unlikely to happen in any sort of traditional sense, it’s safe to say that whenever we get sports back, Louisville football is in a position to be extremely talented this coming season.

Louisville returns the bulk of its starters from a prolific offense from a year ago and adds depth to the defense. Perhaps most importantly, the coaching staff has remained almost completely intact- something we haven’t seen for eons around these parts.

With this in mind, our site experts Jacob Lane and Presley Meyer sought the help of some pretty insightful guys in Alan Thomas, Dalton Pence, and Alex Stengel to pitch in their thoughts and predictions for the 2020 season.

So, here they are. Some realistic, some controversial, but all well-reasoned.

*Best Jack Harlow voice* BRL Top 10; Ten predictions for Louisville football in 2020.

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