ESPN analyst says what everybody has been thinking about Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson backed by Mike Greenberg.

A lot of people are saying a lot of things about Lamar Jackson, and Mike Greenberg has had enough of it.

The ESPN analyst, formerly of “Mike and Mike in the Morning” fame, came out in full support of the 2020 NFL MVP on Tuesday after Jackson received negative reviews from national media when he was voted No. 1 on the player-voted NFL 100 list.

Jackson continues to shoulder criticism for his performances in his two playoff game appearances.

Although he is 19-3 in the regular season in his first two years, many detractors point to his year one playoff loss to the Chargers, and last season’s early exit against the Titans.

Others suggest that Jackson is a great player that will not be able to continue his efforts due to issues that past dual-threat quarterbacks have faced with injury issues, wear and tear on their bodies, and overall longevity.

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What Mike Greenberg had to say about Lamar Jackson

Greenberg has seen quite enough of the hate, however, and he took a couple minutes of his time to destroy the haters during a segment on ESPN’s Get Up.

Among Greenberg’s points were that:

  • Jackson is the winningest active quarterback in the league
  • Jackson ran for more yards last year than superstar running back Saquon Barkley
  • Jackson threw more touchdown passes last season than Tom Brady (And… Everyone else)

Greenburg didn’t even have to make mention of Jackson twice throwing for more touchdowns than incompletions and becoming the second player ever to have two perfect passer rating games in a single season.

However, he did make mention of the fact that Jackson still played a solid game against the Titans in their January playoff match-up, and that some big-time drops and mess-ups from his teammates are what ultimately cost him.

Lastly, Greenberg made the point that we have been making here at BRL all offseason. You don’t have to look too far into the past to see an all-time great that did not have initial success in the playoffs.

Peyton Manning began his career with three straight playoff flameouts before finding any sort of success. In fact, Manning finished his career with a fair to middling 14-13 playoff record. He flamed out before the Super Bowl 10 times in his career with the Colts alone.

Manning is not the only Hall of Fame level quarterback that flamed out often in the playoffs. Look at a player like Dan Marino, who never won a Super Bowl and ended his season 10 times with a playoff loss. Other greats like Warren Moon- Who had 7 playoff appearances and 7 early losses- and Brett Favre, who finished his season 11 times with a playoff loss, are great examples of wildly successful quarterbacks who rarely accomplished their ultimate goal.

In the end, Jackson is doing just fine. He has an MVP season under his belt, plenty of franchise and league records in only 22 career regular-season games, and is on pace for yet another historic season.

It’s about time a national media member stood up for the NFL’s best player.