Everything you need to know about Lamar Jackson Day on ACC Network

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Lamar Jackson is taking over the ACC Network.

This Saturday, as part of “ACC Legends” series, the ACC Network will be showing a 12 1/2 hour marathon of games featuring one of the most decorated athletes in Louisville football history, Lamar Jackson.

The games will go from noon till midnight, but the festivities kick off at 11:30 a.m., as Kelsey Riggs will be hosting “The Legend of Lamar Jackson”, a program consisting of interviews from former teammates, players he has faced, etc. discussing their experiences with him.

Lamar Jackson’s career at Louisville was a record-breaking montage. In his three seasons at Louisville, he broke school records for total yards (13,175), rushing yards (4,132), and rushing TD’s (50), to name a few. Jackson was, and still is, an enigma of sorts.

He won the 2016 Heisman Trophy, and despite having a more prolific season, he only managed a trip to the 2017 Heisman ceremony in New York City (which is nothing to sneeze at).

Here, I’ll tell you how you can plan accordingly to catch “Lamarvelous” in game action for yourself, beginning at noon this Saturday.

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