Louisville football: 3 newcomers who should see the field

The Louisville football 2020 class during an event at the Yum Center. Louisville, Ky. on Feb. 5, 2020.Louisville football 2020 class
The Louisville football 2020 class during an event at the Yum Center. Louisville, Ky. on Feb. 5, 2020.Louisville football 2020 class /
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Now is the time to get younger Louisville football players involved.

There have been a lot of hard games to watch for Louisville football over the years, yet finding a way to lose by19 points to a really average Georgia Tech team after holding a big lead hit different on Friday night.

The routine “they should win this one” game really no longer exists for Louisville following their crash to earth in 2018, and that was more than evident on Friday night when the Cards blew a 21-7 lead to 1-2 Georgia Tech.

As if losing to Georgia Tech wasn’t bad enough, it was against a freshman quarterback who had thrown eight interceptions prior and a game where you thought Louisville would get payback from the 2018 blowout. Both came back to haunt the Cards.

On the way to the 19-point victory for Georgia Tech, a lot of unfortunate and untimely things were revealed about the Louisville football team including the fact that the team is surely in the midst of a massive rebuild.

Rebuilding doesn’t mean that the season is over and nothing can come from the remaining six games on the Louisville schedule, but it does meant that this program isn’t as far along as the eight win season in 2019 may have led us to believe.

Scott Satterfield touched on the issues plaguing Louisville during their three game losing streak and indicated that throwing some of the younger players into the mix is something that could happen as soon as this week. He said:

“I think you obviously have to look at everybody and we’ve told the young guys , it’s not like I had him on wait for next year, I mean you guys need to be preparing yourself to play right now. I mean there’s no question about that. et them get some plays under their belt and they’re going to make some mistakes while they’re out there. Obviously, they don’t have the kind of experience that you’d love to have, but once they get out there, they do have ability to make plays. You will see more guys getting out there that are young that maybe hadn’t played as much.”

Louisville heads into their third ever matchup with Notre Dame and first time traveling to play in South Bend since their magical win in 2014, and that normally wouldn’t the time to play freshmen. But when you’re coming off of a major loss and looking for any sort of injection to stay alive, now makes more sense than ever.

So who will see the field, or at least could see the field? I take a deeper look into three freshmen who I’d like to see get some serious clock against Notre Dame.