Louisville football goes retro with latest uniform release

Louisville football will be getting some new threads.

The Louisville football program teased an announcement over social media this past weekend when they released a short clip with a retro Firebird pulling into a parking spot at Cardinal Stadium with the date “11.20.20.”

With that date falling on the same day as Louisville football’s matchup with Syracuse, it was pretty obvious that the video was previewing some sort of jersey or attire announcement.

Late Sunday evening the mystery was put to rest when the full video released via social media reveled brand new “50’s Era Retro” uniforms which they’ll debut against Syracuse in less than a month.

Over the years we’ve seen Louisville rock new uniform combinations from Adidas, including the infamous murder bird jerseys back in 2015, numerous black out threads as well as the Muhammad Ali “knockout” inspired white threads last season, which they wore against Boston College in a victory, but rarely have we seen true “retro jerseys.”

The new jerseys feature a white helmet with a solo red stripe (darker red than we’re used to), a red jersey with white text and accent stripes, and off white (or as my wife would say “cream”) pants with a throwback Cardinal patch to go with the multi-color striped socks that shaped so many retro uniform combinations in the past, and the Heisman bird gloves.

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I personally love everything there is about this uniform, from the tops all the way to the socks. There’s certainly a simplicity to it, one that is comparable to some of the best classic uniforms in football including Nebraska & the San Francisco 49ers, featuring a very simple helmet and jersey design. It isn’t going to wow anyone with crazy designs, but when introducing new uniforms it’s always better to keep it simple.

The announcement of new uniforms comes at a great time, as Louisville football is coming off of a blow out win over Florida State this past Saturday. The Cards have been looking for some type of momentum all season long, and following two straight inspiring defensive performances and an offensive explosion, it looks like things will be headed in the right direction.

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As mentioned, there will be plenty of time between now and when Louisville actually wears the new retro’s. A lot can happen between now and then, but hopefully when the Cards take the field they’ll be able to pick up a victory against Syracuse in style.