Louisville football: Legacy commitment does not sign

Louisville football got 21 new signees for the class of 2021 football class on Wednesday. One big name still has not signed.

It was mostly a great day for the Louisville football program as they welcomed in 21 new faces to the program. Just one player that was committed to the Cardinals prior to the early signing period did not sign on Wednesday.

That fact has now left Louisville fans wondering what is developing with this lone unsigned commitment.

Jaraye Williams, a 6’3 200-pound four-star outside linebacker out of Kennedy Catholic in Washington, did not sign with Louisville on Wednesday.

Williams is the son of former Louisville basketball great Terrence Williams. Williams played in the NBA for four seasons from 2009-13.

In his time at Louisville, Williams put up 11.2 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 3.9 assists per game in four years with the program.

Back in May, Jaraye committed to the Cardinals in awesome style boasting his father’s No. 1 Louisville jersey from the mid 2000s.

This tweet is still “pinned” to Williams’ Twitter page from his May 30 commitment date and he has not tweeted from his account since late in August.

It is not known at this time why Williams did not sign with the Cardinals, but it will not be his last chance to sign with the class.

If he does not sign before this Friday, Williams will conceivably still be able to do so again on Feb. 3 until April 1 in 2021. It should be expected that Satterfield and the rest of the staff would like to keep Williams in the fold for the 2021 class if it is possible. He is a terrific player that would be a big loss if he is unable to make it to school.

According to the 247 Sports composite rankings, Jaraye Williams would be Louisville’s highest rated player in their class if he is able to sign. So, rest assured, the staff will be doing everything they can to get the Louisville legacy to campus for next Fall.

As a prospect, Williams is a very versatile athlete. Although 247 Sports lists him as an outside linebacker, he is a player that could likely play safety, rush linebacker, or the hybrid “card” position. That would give Bryan Brown yet another versatile piece to use that already packs a 6’3″ 200-pound frame.

There could be a number of factors preventing Williams from signing at this time and while we will not speculate at which it could be, it is still important to note the possibilities.

One reason could be that he is having second thoughts about attending Louisville. After all, it is a cross-country journey from Washington to Louisville and that is difficult for any teenager to follow through with whether their dad was a legend at the school or not.

Another possibility is that, in the past, players who do not sign have had some personal issues preventing them from signing that the recruit must deal with. In all cases, the University of Louisville must approve of his high school transcripts and other things before he would be able to even enroll with the university.

Whatever the case may be, any specific development pertaining to Williams that comes to the forefront, we will have for you. Until then, enjoy these 21 freshmen newcomers and appreciate just how good of players they could be as they hope to hold up the University of Louisville standard.

Be patient and hope that Jaraye Williams signs with the Cardinals sometime in the near future.