Cards In The Pros: Jaire Alexander, Stefon Diggs Chirp

Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander gives the ball to a fan after his interception against the Bills.
Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander gives the ball to a fan after his interception against the Bills. /

Former Louisville stand-out cornerback Jaire Alexander is currently the highest paid cornerback on the Green Bay Packers roster. Alexander has made quite a name for himself in the league and continues to prove him dominance on the field being a relaible player who can also make plays.

Before the matchup between the Packers and the Bills, the Packers were 3-4 and the Bills were 5-1 heading into Sunday. The Buffalo Bills have been an absolute wagon since Josh Allen has taken off as one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Pat McAfee, host of The Pat McAfee Show, often calls him the football ‘prototype,’ as in he is becoming the standard for what is expected out of the quarterback position.

On the other side of the field stands back-to-back reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers who is arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Rodgers has led his team to a Super Bowl win, which is a feat that Allen has yet to accomplish.

Winning a Super Bowl is the dream that every NFL athlete aims to achieve, and Jaire Alexander is among those on that list. Hunger and competition always brings out a fire in athletes and that is what happened between Jaire and Stefon as they jogged out onto the field for their highly anticipated matchup.

Chirping at the other team only really matters if there is talent to back up the claims. And for Jaire, that was the case against a highly skilled Bills offense. He finished the game with one tackle, four passes defended, and an interception. The only other two Packers defenders who defended a pass were Rasual Douglas and Rashan Gary, each with one.

Jaire outperformed his teammates and was able to intercept the ‘prototype’ that is Josh Allen. All things considered, it is exciting to see former Louisville players performing at a high level in the league and representing a fanbase that will go to bat for their players at all times.