Louisville Football: Welcomes ’26 QB Brodie McWhorter

Traffic moves along East Brandeis Avenue on Tuesday on the University of Louisville campus. May 14, 2019T9i1025 Uofl Campus
Traffic moves along East Brandeis Avenue on Tuesday on the University of Louisville campus. May 14, 2019T9i1025 Uofl Campus /

Brodie McWhorter is a freshman quarterback prospect who plays football at Cass High School in White, Georgia. Earlier this season, McWhorter achieved B2C‘s Freshman Of The Week honors after recording 263 passing yards and throwing for 5 touchdowns in a blowout win over Martin Luther King High School (Lithonia, GA) in which the final score was 63-7.

Not even a full season into his freshman year of high school and he already has his sights set on his future. Two days ago, the 6-foot-1 freshman announced he will be in town for the Louisville-NC State matchup via his Twitter account.

Having McWhorter in town is special because earlier this year his cousin, Bear McWhorter, who is a 6-foot-4 offensive lineman, was offered a scholarship by the University of Louisville. However, at the age of 13, he made his desires to be a part of Razorback Nation known to the University of Arkansas via a billboard designed by his father. But there is still hope until he inks his name down pledging his allegiance to the Arkansas football program.

Both of them are eligible recruits, both are only freshmen, and both of them are being recruited by the Louisville Cardinals. Bear received the scholarship offer first but there are pieces in place for that same offer to be given to Brodie.

According to On3.com, Louisville is a team of interest on Brodie McWhorter’s profile page leaving the prospect of the cousins continuing to be teammates past the high school level still very much a possibility. Louisville would love to be their home for their post-high school careers.

Two cousins playing together on the offensive side of the ball would become must see television and both of them would rapidly become fan favorites. The McWhorter cousins have a lot of time ahead of them before they commit their collegiate careers to a specific university but the University of Louisville would love to be atop their lists as they narrow those down.

Cardinal Nation welcomes Brodie McWhorter to the University of Louisville and to Cardinal Stadium this weekend. Usually, whenever recruits are in town to witness the Cardinals play, Coach Satterfield rallies his troops to play well and come out victorious. That was the case during Homecoming Weekend against Pittsburgh and it was the case the following week against Wake Forest. Both games resulting in a win.