Chris Beard Should Not Be An Option For Louisville Basketball

Chris Beard doesn't deserve Louisville Basketball
Ole Miss v Auburn
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Louisville Cardinal basketball has not been good as of late, and I am sure that I am not the first person to let you know that. However, when looking ahead at who the next potential Louisville head coach could be if Kenny Payne is fired, Chris Beard should not be an option for Athletic Director Josh Heird.

Beard is a proven winner, and seems to have won everywhere he has coached at, so it would seem that Beard would be a viable option. However, there is one reason why he should not be looked at as an option.

That reason?


The University of Louisville has had to deal with their fair share of scandals over the years and if they hire Beard with his history of scandal it would not be a good look. Beard was accused of domestic violence with his then fiance, and i am not sure that is baggage that a new Louisville head coach should have attached to them.

Beard is a proven winner at Texas Tech, and was looking like his Texas team would go on to do good things in March when he was fired mid-season. However, taking a chance like this when there are candidates like Scott Drew, Jerome Tang, and Eric Mussellman available is a hard pass from me.

I am sure Chris Beard could do good things at Louisville, but I am not taking my chances with him if I was in Josh Heird's shoes.