Could Kenny Payne Potentially be Let go Before the Season Ends?

Things have gotten worse than we could have imagined

U of L head coach Kenny Payne, second from left, and his staff watch action during their game
U of L head coach Kenny Payne, second from left, and his staff watch action during their game / Sam Upshaw Jr./Courier Journal / USA

Louisville basketball started the month of February off with some good performances and wins against Florida State and Georgia Tech, however, things have gone from bad to worse in the past 2 weeks.

After getting a couple home wins this month and playing teams closer than they should, Louisville basketball has been as bad as it's ever been in the Kenny Payne era. From giving up 50 points to Boston College in the 2nd half, letting Blake Hinson from Pitt drop 41 points, and getting beat by 22 points to a 9-win Notre Dame team has been one of the worst streaks for Payne in his time at Louisville.

The thought was that Payne would be let go at the end of the ACC tournament when Louisville's season was over. However, after the recent string of performances I can't imagine how Josh Heird can let this go on any longer.

Louisville will travel to Duke on Wednesday night, and it is looking to be a beatdown of epic proportions at Cameron Indoor. If Louisville gets 30-pieced by the Blue Devils could Payne get canned the next day? I would say it is a possibility but not very likely.

Louisville then plays 3 home games to finish out the regular season against Syracuse, Virginia Tech, and Boston College. If Payne were get fired on Thursday and play the next 3 games with Nolan Smith as the interim coach, it would certainly ignite the fanbase more than having Payne be on the sideline, just because everyone knows what will happen to him in just a few weeks.

If there is a change made it would at least give fans something to show up for, and could possibly create some excitement for the new era of Louisville basketball after Payne. Not to mention that those 3 games are certainly winnable for the Cardinals.

It is all up to Josh Heird in the end, and while Payne will likely get the rest of the season to coach this team, a new era of Louisville basketball is coming. It would just be nice to get excited about a couple of games to end the season if you're a Cardinal fan.