Former Louisville 5-Star Dennis Evans Enters Transfer Portal

Louisville loses it's 5th player to the transfer portal
Louisville v Texas
Louisville v Texas / Porter Binks/GettyImages

Dennis Evans was the best recruit in Kenny Payne's recruiting class last season, and while he seemed like he would be a quality player for Louisville, after less than 10 games he was "medically unable to play basketball." However, Evans entered the transfer portal this morning and is said to now be able to medically play basketball, so, Louisville lost another good player.

The information about Evans transfering was shocking more than anything, since we all thought he would be unable to play basketball at any level, let alone play for a different team.

Evans will be a good piece for any team that picks him up, and while it does seem odd that that the 7'1 freshman would just randomly one day be able to play basketball, I would not suspect this has any bearing on Kenny Payne. Evans likely found out he was able to play again recently and just chose not to come back with the team, and when the time was right he would transfer out.

Hopefully Evans can find a good home and stay healthy in the future.