Joson Sanon Visits Louisville, Then Attends Kentucky Game in a Baffling Day for Cardinal Recruiting

Things seem to be getting weirder for Kenny Payne and Louisville Basketball
Louisville head coach Kenny Payne reacts in frustration as the Cards fall behind to Bellarmine in
Louisville head coach Kenny Payne reacts in frustration as the Cards fall behind to Bellarmine in / Matt Stone/The Courier Journal / USA

Yesterday seemed to be an average day for Louisville basketball, but after multiple stories of the same event started coming out about 5-star recruit Joson Sanon, it really started to become confusing.

Kenny Payne seems to be at the end of his tenure at Louisville, with a 12-51 record and several double digit losses it seems like once the season is over Payne will be let go by the University.

Payne has to know this right? At a point you have to be aware of what is happening around you, and for Kenny Payne the future is pretty clear cut as of right now.

Trilly Donovan, a famous college basketball burner account known for the snippets of news that he puts out from time to time, said that 5-star recruit Joson Sanon was currently on a visit to Louisville. Donovan has been known to put out false information about Louisville, but still it would be interesting if it was true. I mean a coach who is likely getting fired in a week hosting a top 15 prospect is quite an odd situation.

This was at 2:30 yesterday afternoon:

Then no less than an hour and fifteen minutes letter Sanon responded with his own tweet:

At this point everyone assumed that Donovan's information was incorrect and that it was just all a big misunderstanding. But then an official announcement regarding his Louisville visit was announced.

At this point the whole situation seems unreal, since we went from Sanon being on a visit, not being on a visit, until ultimately being on an unofficial visit to Louisville with Kenny Payne. Payne is still recuting high value players until the very last minute, which is good, but seems odd considering he will likely be let go within 2 weeks.

The embarrassing part of the day for Louisville basketball was discovering that after he finished his visit with Louisville that he would be attending the Kentucky basketball game against Vanderbilt in Rupp Arena last night.

Sanon seemed to be right at home with the WIldcats, as he was posting frequently while at the game:

The fact that Louisville seemed to be "just a quick visit" is part of the problem here. Louisville should be the prime contender with Kentucky for Sanon, yet he also seems to treat the Cardinals as just an afterthought at this point in time. Maybe Sanon could possibly commit to Louisville without Kenny Payne as the head coach, but it seems very unlikely.

It was a very confusing, and ultimately a baffling day for Louisville recruiting, and especially for Kenny Payne.