Kenny Payne Needs To Stop "Being Nice" To John Calipari

Louisville fans don't like John Calipari
Kentucky v Utah
Kentucky v Utah / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

It isn't a significant issue, but Kenny Payne really should give up on this "friendly rivalry" with his former boss and Kentucky head coach John Calipari.

Louisville fans have never liked John Calipari for the way he acts towards Louisville, his coaching style, and the way that he lies in pretty much every postgame press conference. Kenny Payne had been Calipari's associate head coach for nearly ten years, and they were left on good terms when he left to be on the New York Knicks staff.

When the teams met up last year they met midcourt before the game started. They laughed, hugged each other, and smiled. On the outside, you might say "That seems like perfectly nice and good behavior". However, when looking at it from a rivalry standpoint, it doesn't bode too well.

Look at the Rick Pitino rivalry with Calipari, they hated each other and the rivalry became so much better because of it. I'm not saying that Payne should go up and punch Calipari in the mouth, but maybe don't look like Calipari is your best friend when you meet him a midcourt.

Even at the end of Louisville's 23-point loss to Kentucky last year, Calipari and Payne gave eachother a double high-five.

A double high-five after a 23-point loss?

It doesn't really matter who the opposing head coach is, you shouldn't be smiling and giving high fives when you lose by 20+ points.

Rivalries are always better when the coaches are at each other's throats, and I know Payne will likely never be that way with Calipari. But it would be nice if he dialed down the niceness towards him at least a little bit.