Louisville Forward Brandon Huntley-Hatfield to Enter the Transfer Portal

The 8th Cardinal to enter the portal
Louisville v Syracuse
Louisville v Syracuse / Rich Barnes/GettyImages

Brandon Huntley-Hatfield has become the 8th former Cardinal to enter the transfer portal. Hatfield hit the portal not soon after Pat Kelsey was announced to be the next head coach at Louisville, and the hire likely was the main reasoning for his decision to transfer out of Louisville.

Hatfield was brought in as a transfer from Tennesse in former head coach Kenny Payne's first season at Louisville, and while his first season here was underwhelming, he showed stark improvement in this past season. Payne may have not done a lot right here at Louisville, but the development of Hatfield has been quite impressive.

Kelsey will have a depleted roster to construct in his first season here at Louisville with 8 total players transfering out as of today. However, maybe Kelsey can get a few to come back to set a type of "foundation" for his first year here at Louisville.