Predicting Louisville Football's Defensive Depth Chart Ahead of Spring Practice

Louisville Spring ball can't get here quicker...
Defensive players get hyped up before team drills during U of L's first spring football practice of
Defensive players get hyped up before team drills during U of L's first spring football practice of / Alton Strupp/Courier Journal / USA TODAY

The Louisville Cardinals defense had a great season last year with plenty of memorable plays and big time wins, over teams like Notre Dame and Duke. While Jeff Brohm's squad lost some big time players like Jarvis Brownlee, they have some big time returning players like Ashton Gillotte and Quincy Riley.

Ron English proved himself in year 1 on the defensive end, but a good year 2 performance would vastly improve his reputation within the Louisville Football community.

It is way too early to start predicting who will and will not be starting on the defense, but we are going to take a look at who will likely be starting at this point in time in the offseason.

Here are our predictions for the Louisville defense at the end of February:

  • DE 1: Ashton Gillotte
  • DE 2: Ramon Puryear
  • NT 1: Dezmond Tell
  • NT 2: Thor Griffith (Transfer Harvard)
  • DT 1: Jermayne Lole
  • DT 2: Jordan Guerad (Transfer FIU)
  • LEO: Tyler Baron (Transfer Tennesse)
  • LEO 2: Mason Reiger
  • WLB 1: TJ Quinn
  • WLB 2: Juriente Davis (Transfer Texas A&M)
  • MLB 1: Jaylin Alderman
  • MLB 2: Stanquan Clark
  • STAR 1: Tamarion McDonald (Transfer Tennesse)
  • STAR 2: Benjamin Perry
  • LCB 1: Quincy RIley
  • SS 1: Devin Neal
  • SS 2: MJ Griffin
  • FS 1: Wesley Walker (Transfer Tennesse)
  • FS 2: De'Angelo Hutchinson

Defensive Depth Chart Overview:

SInce Ron English runs the 4-2-5 defensive scheme the positions will seem odd for this depth chart, but this is likely what the starters and backups could look for the 2024 season. Of course guys like TJ Capers and Selah Brown could work their way into more playing team as the offseason progresses, this is where I see the team as of right now.

Take these lineups with a grain of salt, but this could be where the Louisville defense stands come this fall.