Predicting Louisville Football's Offensive Depth Chart Ahead of Spring Practice

It's way too early, but spring football can't come soon enough

Louisville   s defense is ready to get it on at the final open practice before the spring game.April
Louisville s defense is ready to get it on at the final open practice before the spring game.April / Scott Utterback/Courier Journal / USA

The Louisville Cardinals are looking to have a very successful season following their 10-4 season under first year head coach Jeff Brohm. Brohm brought in one of the best transfer classes in the country, while also having returning players like Ashton Gillotte and Quincy Riley.

While Louisville lost some key players like Jawhar Jordan and Jamari Thrash, Brohm has brought in some serious talent for year 2.

While it is very early to try and start predicting starters for the 2024 season, here are our thoughts for the projected offensive depth chart for the 2024 season for the Louisville Cardinals

  • QB 1: Tyler Shough (Transfer Texas Tech)
  • QB 2: Piece Clarkson
  • QB 3: Brady Allen
  • RB 1: Penny Boone (Transfer Toledo)
  • RB 2: Donald Chaney (Transfer Miami)
  • RB 3: Maurice Turner
  • FB 1: Duane Martin
  • WR 1A: Caullin Lacy (Transfer South Alabama)
  • WR: 1B: Jaedon King:
  • WR 2A: Ja'Corey Brooks (Transfer Alabama)
  • WR 2B: Jimmy Calloway
  • WR 3A: Chris Bell
  • WR 3B: Jadon Thompson
  • TE 1: Nate Kurisky
  • TE 2: Izayah Cummings (Transfer Kentucky)
  • TE 3: Jaleel Skinner (Transfer Miami)
  • RT 1: Reuben Unije (Transfer Houston)
  • RT 2: Rasheed Miller (Transfer Georgia Southern)
  • RG 1: Renato Brown
  • RG 2: Lance Robinson (Transfer Houston)
  • Center 1: Pete Nygra (Transfer Northern Illinois)
  • Center 2: Austin Collins
  • LG: Michael Gonzalez
  • LG: Jonathan Mendoza (Transfer Yale)
  • LT: Victor Cutler (Ohio State Transfer)
  • LT: Monroe Mills (Transfer Texas Tech)

Depth Chart Overview:

As of right now this is a rough estimate of what the offense could look like going into next season, and positions like wide reciever and quarterback could likely change come September. Guys like Pierce Clarkson could overtake Brady Allen, and close depth positions will obviously change as the season goes on. Especially with injuries throughout the fall.

Take these projections with a grain of salt, but this is just a taste of what Jeff Brohm's offense could look like in 2024.