Transfer Portal Watch: Three Louisville Cardinals Announce Their Departure

After Kenny Payne's firing three players have decided to move on from Louisville
Louisville v Pittsburgh
Louisville v Pittsburgh / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

This morning marked the beginning of the transfer portal, and by the afternoon three Louisville Cardinals declared to enter the portal. The players included three freshman that were brought in by Kenny Payne this past season:

- Forward Kaleb Glenn
- Guard/Forward Curtis Williams
- Guard Koron Davis

Kaleb Glenn was a top 100 player from Bardstown Kentucky, and is a really disappointing departure considering that he was a local product and that he showed some serious potential towards the end of the season. Glenn could still return for next season by backing out of the portal, but that will likely be decided on who Louisville decides to hire as their next head coach.

Curtis Williams was also a disappointing departure since he was another top 100 freshman addition to this year's team. Williams started the year being a good spot up shooter for Louisville, but as the season went on Williams was almost unable to make shots and his defense was average at best. Payne didn't seem to know how to use Williams, and if he were to return a new coach could really turn him into a much better player.

Freshman Koron Davis will also be transferring out, but that was a given because of the information that came out months earlier regarding Davis. Payne supposedly "kicked him off the team" and the truth was twisted regarding what happened between him and the university, but ultimately Davis will be transferring out of Louisville.