Ty-Laur Johnson is the Last Scholarship Player on Louisville, With Players in the Portal Still Looming a Return

Louisville could have 1 potentially returning player on next years roster
Jan 27, 2024; Louisville, Kentucky, USA;  Louisville Cardinals guard Ty-Laur Johnson (4) reacts
Jan 27, 2024; Louisville, Kentucky, USA; Louisville Cardinals guard Ty-Laur Johnson (4) reacts / Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The Louisville basketball roster has hit a major rehaul since former head coach Kenny Payne has been fired, and an even bigger rehaul since new head coach Pat Kelsey has been hired.

Head coach Pat Kelsey will likely look in to bring a lot of new players next season, mainly made out of transfers. Most of the players on Louisville's team last year have hit the transfer portal, with only 1 player left on the team that is on scholarship: Ty-Laur Johnson.

Johnson was one of the few bright spots on the team last year, and with him only being a freshman he could be a key foundational piece for Kelsey's first team at Louisville.

Kelsey will also likely look to try and bring back a few players from last years team. While the team only won 8 games last year there were several bright spots from certain players.

Skyy Clark, Brandon Huntley-Hatfield, local Bardstown kid Kaleb Glenn, and Mike James were all major bright spots last season, and even Skyy Clark said in his transfer quote that he would "stay in contact with Louisville". Also with Glenn being a local recruit, I could see him possibly coming back if the staff wants him.

Most of the players are still on campus and will meet with Kelsey's new coaching staff in the coming week according to Jody Demling of Cardinal Authority.

I expect Kelsey to try and bring back at least a few of the players from last years team to help and create a foundation for next years team, and the roster will need all the help it can get.

Kelsey knows what he's doing and it will be interesting to see where the roster is come November.