Louisville basketball: ACC coaches propose “All-Inclusive” NCAA Tournament

Louisville basketball’s Chris Mack and other ACC basketball coaches introduce “All-Inclusive” 2020-21 NCAA Tournament.

Buckle up Louisville basketball and college basketball fans because we are about to have over 350 college basketball programs battle it out in one mega-NCAA Tournament to crown the National Champion of the 2020-21 college basketball season.

Well, it is just a thought as of right now that was proposed by all of the ACC men’s basketball coaches Wednesday afternoon.

Coach Chris Mack took to Twitter on Wednesday following the breaking news and had this to say

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What Chris Mack and the ACC Coaches are Proposing

All 15 of the men’s basketball coaches in the ACC voted unanimously Wednesday morning to approve of the proposal of an “All-Inclusive” NCAA Tournament and based upon Chris Mack’s viewpoints, this idea may make a lot of sense.

2020 has been a crazy, very unpredictable year to this point and with everything going on in collegiate athletics pertaining to COVID-19 guidelines and maintaining player safety, there are not many opportunities, especially in college basketball, for teams to prove how good they actually are if teams won’t play a traditional schedule.

Non-conference games are where a lot of programs prove their worth throughout the season and pick-up big wins that ultimately get them selected for the NCAA Tournament on Selection Sunday every year. Without a set non-conference/conference schedule for a lot of programs and the possibility of some teams not being able to play non-conference games, it would not be fair to go on with the season under normal circumstances and penalize the teams who are just following COVID-19 precautions handed down to them by their conferences and local governments.

So what does this mean for Louisville Basketball and the rest of the ACC? It could potentially mean that the ACC may not allow non-conference games in which teams have to travel far or out of state, much like they did with their football schedule.

This could potentially mean Louisville will play teams in the Kentucky-Indiana area such as: Kentucky, Western Kentucky, Bellarmine, Murray State, Northern Kentucky, etc.

We know that the ACC is fully planning on conducting a 2020-21 college basketball season, but the logistics of scheduling and if teams will only play in-conference games is still up in the air. Regardless of when the ACC basketball season begins, expect to see Chris Mack and the Cards ready to take the court with a newly revamped and energized Team 107.