Louisville Football: 2023 Live Transfer Portal Tracker

Louisville head football coach Jeff Brohm worked his team through drills at L&N Federal Credit Union Stadium on Saturday morning, Mar. 25, 2025Jf Uofl Practice Brohm Aj6t0211
Louisville head football coach Jeff Brohm worked his team through drills at L&N Federal Credit Union Stadium on Saturday morning, Mar. 25, 2025Jf Uofl Practice Brohm Aj6t0211 /

Head Coach Jeff Brohm of the Louisville football program has had the pedal to the floor since arriving back in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky from West Lafayette, Indiana. Former Head Coach at Purdue University, Brohm did not have access to the broad landscape of players that he has access to at Louisville. Primarily due to stringent academic requirements and a deeper passion for basketball, recruiting at Purdue wasn’t as wide open as it is now.

The University of Louisville, still a part of a Power Five Conference, not only allows him access to a larger pool of players but still maintains top-tier resources in order to help his recruiting pitches. And on top of all of that, he is a native of Louisville, played for Louisville, previously coached as an assistant at Louisville, and is a member of the First Football Family in Louisville. So, his knowledge of and passion for not only the university but also the city gives him a certain edge in recruiting that few of his predecessors had.

To that end, he has succeeded in many recruiting pitches to prospects thus far and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The Louisville football program has an aura around it that fuels the city in a way it hasn’t seen in years, or maybe ever.

Here is a live tracker of all of the players who have departed the program and a list of players who have committed to the Louisville football program:

Players who Have Entered the Transfer Portal:

Francis Sherman — Tight End — Redshirt Junior

Grant Goodman — Running Back — Walk-On — Sophomore

Nathan McElroy — Quarterback — Walk-On — Sophomore 

Aaron Gunn — Inside Offensive Lineman— Redshirt Sophomore

Khalib Johnson — Quarterback — Sophomore

Chance Morrow — Wide Receiver — Sophomore

Jeremiah Caldwell — Safety — Sophomore

Dez Melton — Tight End — Redshirt Junior

James Turner — Kicker — Senior New School: Michigan

Christian Pedersen — Tight End — Redshirt Sophomore | New School: FIU

Zach Edwards — Edge Rusher — Redshirt Junior | New School: Troy

Braden Smith — Wide Receiver — Redshirt Senior

Monty Montgomery — Linebacker — Senior New School: Ole Miss

Tye Moore — Wide Receiver — Redshirt Sophomore

Dee Wiggins — Wide Receiver — Redshirt Senior New School: Cincinnati

Allen Smith — Linebacker — Redshirt Junior New School: Florida A&M

Mark Vassett — Punter — Junior New School: Colorado

Caleb Banks — Defensive Lineman — Redshirt Sophomore | New School: Florida

Dorian Jones — Linebacker — Senior | New School: Cincinnati

Trevion Cooley — Running Back — Junior | New School: Georgia Tech

Henry Bryant — Defensive Lineman — Redshirt Sophomore | New School: Georgia State

Luke Kandra — Interior Offensive Lineman — Redshirt Junior New School: Cincinnati

Rance Conner — Cornerback — Redshirt Freshman

Jalen Mitchell — Running Back — Redshirt Sophomore

KJ Cloyd — Linebacker — Senior

Nicario Harper — Safety — Redshirt Senior New School: Illinois

Kobe Baynes — Offensive Tackle — Redshirt Sophomore New School: Kansas

Bradley West — Wide Receiver — Walk-On — Redshirt Sophomore New School: Morehead State

Players who Have Committed to Louisville out of the Transfer Portal:

Eric Miller — Offensive Lineman — Graduate Transfer Previous School: Purdue

Lance Robinson — Offensive Tackle — Junior Previous School: Houston

Storm Duck — Defensive Back — Senior Previous School: Penn State

Keith Brown — Linebacker — Junior Previous School: Oregon

Willie Tyler III — Interior Offensive Lineman — Senior Previous School: Rutgers

Allan Houston III — Wide Receiver — Walk-On — Graduate Transfer Previous School: Brown

Isaac Guerendo — Running Back — SeniorPrevious School: Wisconsin

John Paul Flores — Interior Offensive Lineman — Redshirt Senior Previous School: Virginia

Jamari Thrash — Wide Receiver — Redshirt Junior Previous School: Georgia State

Gilbert Frierson — Safety — Redshirt Senior | Previous School: Miami

Kevin Coleman — Wide Receiver — Sophomore | Previous School: Jackson State

Jack Plummer — Quarterback — Senior | Previous School: California

Marquis Groves-Killebrew — Cornerback — Redshirt Freshman | Previous School: Texas A&M

Jimmy Calloway — Wide Receiver — Redshirt Sophomore | Previous School: Tennessee

Jadon Thompson — Wide Receiver — Junior | Previous School: Cincinnati

Devin Neal — Safety — Junior | Previous School: Baylor

Stephen Herron Jr. — Edge Rusher — Redshirt Senior | Previous School: Stanford

Rodney McGraw — Defensive Lineman— Sophomore | Previous School: Penn State